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Preparing for FOSS4G

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I start to get a bit nervous about going to FOSS4G in about two weeks. There will be so much going on, I would need to split my self into many, to be able to attend everything wich I would like to attend in this week of geoawesomeness.

Going by train

I decidet to go by train, because a.) the flights from Cologne or Dusseldorf to East Midlands are not exactly inexpensive, b.) I like to travel by train, it is quite relaxing for me to just look outside the window and see the landscape passing by. c.) I like the highspeed trains ICE, Talys and Eurostar, which are all scheduled for this trip forth and back from Cologne to Nottingham. And the train ride will also most probably give me some valuable hours to work on the last details of my presentation and preparing other things which I am doing at FOSS4G.

Presenting the CRC806-Database at FOSS4G

I am very happy to got my presentation into the academic trac of FOSS4G 2013, and even got my paper into the Transactions in GIS special issue. Which is a big success for me. My presentation "Building Research Data Management Infrastructure using Open Source Software" will be on Thursday 19th Sept. at 3:30 p.m. at Room 3.

I will more or less present the paper which is hopefully online accessible by the start of the conference, but I plan to dig a bit deeper into the implementation details of integrating CKAN with Typo3 and will give some more detailed outlook on the developments of the system and upcoming new functionalities and features. Please have a look at the CRC806-Database website, and if you care provide some feedback and comments about the site, here in the comments or per mail, or talk to me at the conference. I am very keen to get feedback on things which we maybe can do better.


I also registered as a volunteer at FOSS4G, and I will be chairing a session and maybe it will be two sessions. Wow, this is the first time I will chair a session at a conference! I am very keen on this, because I like new challenges like this.

The session I am defently assigned to is on Friday 20th at 1.30 p.m. at Room 2, and will be about "3D GIS". The second session, for which I am probably assigned as chair, but only if no other volunteer for this session is found, is also on Friday at 11.30 a.m., in Room A39. The topic of this session is (web based) spatio-temporal visualization.

Entertainment and off-conference social events

The off-conference entertaining and social programme of FOSS4G is promising to be fantastic! From what the informations so far given on the Wednesday 18th "Ice Braker" - where Map Addict Mike Parker will give a talk followed by a pub-quiz in geographic theme, the Thursday 19th "Gala Night" - with enterntainment from "Festival of the spoken Nerd", and the SAturday 21st "Closing Party" - with "open mic" sessions.

I anticipate that this 5 days in the UK will be a very intense experience, and I am confident, that I will learn and gain a lot from it.

Have fun!


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